You can choose an ordinary steering wheel coating with a billet from car accessories store. However, quality steering wheel leather coating in a workshop provides durability and comfort.

Top-of-the-line car interior repair is performed in the workshop of UAB Lagriva. It is a car tuning during which careful consideration is given to each client’s desire. Car owners are always satisfied with the result of our work.

Highly skilled professionals of UAB Lagriva are ready to start works of steering wheel leather coating at a time convenient for you after the order has been agreed and planned in advance. It is important to choose the desired shade of leather which is best suited to the colour and texture of your car interior. The design of the steering wheel is always discussed with the client before starting the work.

There is no reason for the clients to doubt about the quality. We only use high quality durable materials. We work with renowned material suppliers who work with prominent brand companies. Almost every driver who appreciates the convenience of traveling by his favourite car is fascinated about steering wheel leather coating. Steering wheel leather coating according to their needs is the first thing what people, who had a chance to try driving a car with a leather coated steering wheel, do after buying a new car.

When people decide to coat their steering wheel with leather, this makes them want to change car interior trim parts. You can find out the reason for this in the next page.

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