The car side door upholstery is more than just an attractive view. They have thermal insulation properties, create a sense of coziness and security, and give the car a sense of completeness. However, for a variety of reasons, ranging from natural wear to mechanical damage, the car side door upholstery over time loses both its appearance and condition.

Renovation is required to return the original attractive image and condition. If there are only minor defects, the car side door upholstery can be restored by means of restoration. But if the car is old and the upholstery is worn out, then a new one is made.

Most people tend to think that the seats are the most important element in the interior, while components such as car side door upholstery play only a secondary role. In fact, it is the wrong approach. The car side door upholstery is just as important component of the vehicle interior as its seats. So if you want the interior to look flawless and make your travel pleasant, it is time to completely or partially restore the car side door upholstery. It is a procedure that requires not only time but also knowledge. So it will be best if you will entrust the professionals of UAB Lagriva with works of car side door upholstery change.

Professional car side door upholstery repair is not only a great choice to eliminate the existing defects or traces of wear to the maximum, to renovate the interior of the vehicle, but also to ensure aesthetic view of the car. The car side door upholstery can fundamentally change a view of the interior, provide the car with new colours, previously unseen design solutions.

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