You bought an antique car and, of course, you want to repair or restore it. Entrust repairers of antique cars with this work. This will be more beneficial in terms of economy and quality of works done.

Antique car restoration in UAB Lagriva takes less time because several restorers work with one car, all necessary tools and a great choice of materials according to the catalogues of different manufacturers are available in spacious workshop of the company.
Any car can be repaired in the restoration workshop. We have gained experience through a lot of hours of careful work.

Quality work is our priority. Therefore, we work in a neat manner and timely fulfill the orders.

Sequence of car restoration:
1. Car is delivered to a workshop of UAB Lagriva.
2. The team of professionals of UAB Lagriva evaluates the state of the car.
3. With the primary information in hands, we order materials, cast components – we prepare everything that is needed.

This is followed by careful and responsible work, sometimes lasting several years.

Antique car restoration. You can evaluate the quality of the services of our workshop! Visit us.