Every part, even the smallest one or the least noticeable, is of great importance when it comes to ensuring safe, pleasant and comfortable travel. Car carpets and mats are no exception. Especially because they perform both aesthetic and practical function. Not only this part gives the car coziness, splendor, luxury, but also makes it look unique.

Another practical function that is no less important should not be forgotten: car carpets and mats help protect the bottom of the car interior against corrosion, mud and dirt, and slows down wear and tear. The conclusion is clear – every car needs high-quality and stylish carpets that can perfectly perform both these functions.

Various reasons make car carpets loose their original appearance, various defects appear. No need to say that cracked, torn or otherwise damaged car carpets and mats not only look badly and make the entire car interior look ugly but they can also become permeable and lead to corrosion and damage of the bottom of the car interior. That is why you should no longer wait after noticing the first defects and should seek help from professionals who can restore an original appearance and look of your rug.

Highly skilled professionals of UAB Lagriva will perform high quality car carpet repair. If necessary, they can cover the bottom of the car with a new carpet, sew new mats for your car. Do not waste time and straight away choose the services offered by UAB Lagriva team and you will get the best result. Car carpet repair.

We invite you to arrive to our office by your car and we will discuss everything.