Sooner or later, each driver needs to renew and improve their car interior. In such case, sewing of new seat covers for vehicles and replacement of old covers with the new ones is a very good solution. Seat covers are made for new vehicles in order to protect their original seats because this allows the car to be sold at a better price in the future. The covers are removable and can be washed.

Of cause, you can buy cheap covers in various shopping centres. But our products are antistatic, fire resistant and can be washed.
You have to invest relatively a lot in our product, but thanks to it the car interior looks like new and the seat covers help preserve the original upholstery. Sewing of seat covers for vehicles is a pragmatic solution.

Highly skilled professionals of UAB Lagriva start works of sewing of seat covers after the order has been agreed and planned in advance. The order will be completed on the agreed date. First of all, the material best suited to the customer is chosen.

The design and the date of completion of works are always discussed with the client before starting the work. When people make firm decision that they need seat covers for vehicles, the only thing left to do is to choose who will do the work. The professionals of UAB Lagriva are highly skilled to produce high quality and durable seat covers for vehicles.

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