Embroidery of logo on the car seat is an opportunity to make the car look special and exclusive, and to impress people. Headrests, mats and pillows with embroidered badges will add individuality to your car interior and will create a distinctive image. We can decorate the car interior in many ways, but embroidered characters are extremely unique. Logos can be embroidered on various fabrics and materials – natural leather or its imitation, other fabrics.

Logos or other customer-requested inscriptions are the most often embroidered elements. The professionals of UAB Lagriva can fully satisfy any wish of the client. You can create your own logo that has no analogues and reflects only your personality.

Embroidery is done using many threads. You can choose embroidery with a silk, cotton thread, with gold. It all depends on the client’s individual wishes and desires.

Embroidery of logos is pretty complicated and thorough work. This procedure requires a car seat to be dismantled before it can be done on the car seat upholstery.

We invite you to arrive to our office by your car or deliver the seats of your car by other means of transport, and we will discuss everything what concerns this issue.