Medical chairs and various loungers are subject to various requirements. Whereas these products are in direct contact with human skin and with the various means that are used to perform medical procedures, it is not hard to understand why there are so many different requirements that these products are subject to, why they must meet so many different standards. Requirements and standards ensure that the product is made of certain materials and with the right technology. The surfaces of these products are no exception. They must not only be clinically safe, medically approved, easy to clean and maintain, but must also be pleasant to touch and have other qualities. This is why only special leather that meets all requirements can be used for producing medical chairs and loungers.

Whenever coating of medical chairs and loungers is required, professional help is inevitable. Choose services of UAB Lagriva. Medical chair and lounger coating with special leather – quickly, accurately, qualitatively, in strict observance of all safety requirements and standards.

Repair of health care products is the process that poses a number of challenges and requires many tasks to do. They will be much easier to overcome together with UAB Lagriva.

Medical chair and lounger upholstery with special leather. You can evaluate the quality of the services of our workshop! Visit us.