A panel of the front vehicle dashboard is an important element of the car interior. This element is constantly exposed to the sun, its colour changes over time and a panel becomes unattractive. Restoration and re-gluing of front dashboards is a simple solution that can change everything. Highly skilled professionals can quickly repair the defects.

Car front panel defects and damage are always noticeable and make the whole interior look ugly. Every car owner would like the exterior and interior of his car to look great. This is why it is important that every element of the car interior car be neat and in good order.
The professionals of UAB Lagriva are highly skilled to perform complex repairs of dashboard and other elements of the car interior.
Only high quality materials from the leading world car manufacturers are used for front panel restoration and re-gluing.

Front panel restoration and re-gluing are carried out in strict observance of client requests. The procedure is done in several phases and lasts for 3-5 days:
Preparatory phase. Experts carefully dismantle the front panel.
Preparation of material. Our professionals design the future image according to the client’s wishes and choose the right material.
Gluing process. When everything is ready, works of gluing on a dashboard are carried out. The procedure is done very carefully and in a diligent manner.
Completion of work. After finishing re-gluing, a dashboard is reinstalled in the car.

Visit our office and we will inspect a front dashboard of your car and discuss the possibilities for its repair.